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Are you unable to move forward in your life due to a significant loss, experienced either recently or in the past? Our classes and workshops will help you attain the tools that you need to process all of your grief-related emotions with the goal being to regain a sense of hope and purpose in life.

Our classes offer a safe, evidence-based environment for grievers to take effective and lasting action, no matter the type of loss experienced. These classes are led by Rachelle Jones, Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist, trained and multi-certified by the Grief Recovery Institute.

Each class is taught online only at this time. Rachelle was 1/10 Specialists invited to pilot the online format in January 2018 to ensure it adhered to the expected standards and outcomes of the original format.

2 1/2-day GRM classes are a rare gem, available throughout the world by approximately 10 rigorously trained, carefully selected Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialists, who have undergone intensive additional training to work with grievers in this type of setting.

Class options:

ONLINE Live & Interactive

8-week 1-to-1 or group

2.5-day 1-to-1 or group

Grief Recovery Method 2-Day Personal Workshop
Grief Recovery Method Personal Support
Grief Recovery Method Group Support
Grief Recovery Method Online Support
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